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    • Linguist: any natural or legal person who performs any language related services, including, without limitation, translation, Arabization, copywriting, subtitling, dubbing, voice-over, interpretation, proofreading, editing and content development.
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  3. This website is a portal operating fully in the cyberspace. We do not have a physical company and as such we do not offer any other service than listing the names and details of quality Arabic language translators, interpreters, subtitles, trainers, dubbing linguists, voice-over specialists and content developers.
  4. Reference to third parties on this website does not incur and should not be understood to incur any responsibility or liability on those parties. In particular, mentioning Arab Professional Translators Society-Arab Translators Network (ATN-APTS)) does not hold that same organization any liability towards transactions that may happen between listed members and prospective customers.
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  9. While utmost care has been made to list only high-quality linguists, all transactions between the linguists mentioned in this site and customers procuring their services may be made only at the discretion of the involved linguists and customers. Neither the linguists nor customers may hold this website accountable for any damages or compensation they may seek as a result of transactions concluded between them.
  10. This website may mention links to third parties. Such links are mentioned for the sole purpose of convenience and may not be construed as an endorsement of the contents or policies applied in such referenced sites.
  11. If recruited through this site for a job or assignment, the involved linguist shall, as a basic condition of this website, perform the required services personally and may not assign the job or assignment to third parties. If the linguist feels he cannot take the job or assignment, he shall refrain from assigning it to a third party or nominating any other party to the customer who contacted him through this site.
  12. You agree that this site shall not be responsible for settling, conciliating or negotiating any dispute or claim that may arise from the transactions performed by the linguist and customers.
  13. No material shall be exchanged between linguists and customers if it amounts to 1) calls for hatred 2) discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex or freedom of opinion and 3) a violation of intellectual property rights.
  14. To maintain active registration at our website, if you are a linguist, you must pay the annual subscription fees of US$50.00. Should you fail to pay the said fees, your name may be removed from the listing service.
  15. To contact a linguist, if you are a customer, you do not pay anything to the website. You have the right to reach out to the linguist you choose at our own discretion.


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In the 21st century, there was a clear progression in marketing methods that boosted the ability to meet clients' growing demands. Shortly thereafter, the entire world was afflicted by great economic and social problems that stemmed from scarcity of resources that were incapable of meeting mankind's plethora of needs. Conflicts broke out across the globe, resulting in a tangible decline in the purchasing power of potential clients. After having been sparse, the number of linguists shot up, and the fight to earn a living became fierce...

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