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Jordan has become the hub of conferences and similar activities held by international organisations. The language barrier necessitates the use of simultaneous interpreting equipment, but there is always the question of who you can trust for your event. Inefficient equipment and poor logistics services are the last thing you wish to happen in a workshop or conference, and you will look for efficient and highly professional equipment providers.

But, a customer's concern cannot be simply overcome by simply finding a professional provider. There is the pricing issue. Too expensive services can in many cases challenge the very idea of holding a conference in the first place.

What our website can do for you is to connect you with efficient providers of conference services who you can trust. They have their own prices and offers, but this website can be your discount coupon. We have an agreement with them to give a generous discount if we refer you to them through this website. Prices are so competitive that would make you pause, tending to belief that this is nothing but a trick. We assure you that there are no tricks. You will get a very detailed offer with everything you expect to see for the quoted price. All of those providers are registered companies and have engagement with the majority of international and local organisations in Jordan.

If you are looking for conference services in Jordan, we will be delighted to refer you to those companies and ask them to send you their profiles.

For further details, please contact us at: aburisha (at) interpretersweb.com  or mar (at) arabinterpreters.com

You can reach us by phone as well: +962796949599 (Mohammed Abu-Risha)

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