In order for anyone to seek a linguistic profession, the first step is to earn a university degree, but as the competition on the market's share increases, a need arises to establish a criterion for further assessment of candidates. Endorsement is one means to do so. It is a simple procedure whereby three independent linguists testify that the candidate has worked with them and delivered a high quality work in a timely manner.

People, however, are often worried as not all of them are qualified in all fields of knowledge. Some of them, even, tend to translate, for example, in one language direction. Others may have been specialsied in the linguistic business of one field. Endorsement, therefore, should not be a gain-it-all or lose-it-all matter. It simply allows the endorser to give his opinion about the candidate's work in any field or language direction. If this candidate passes this step, he will be simply listed as endorsed for the specific skills he is endorsed for.

When looking for endorsed linguists, look for such categories as:

Consultant: This person has a solid proof that he worked as a consultant for international organisations. His experience covers translation, interpreting, proofreading, authoring, consulting and research writing.

Endorsed by Peers: This person has secured a testimonial of merit from three reputable linguists. Look for the mode and field. He could be endorsed as an interpreter between English and Arabic, but a legal translator only from English.

Endorsed by Training: This linguist has not worked for any other accredited peers and therefore has proved that he has got some training. Surely, this gives an indication, though he still needs to be tested. Usually, we do not list under 'endorsed by training' any linguist unless we confidently feel that he has shown excellent skills in the courses he has taken.

Endorsed by Sample Work*: If a linguist is interested in being listed but knows nobody in our pool and has had not received any training, then the only thing that remains would be a test or the production of sample work. We are asking listed members to post their samples in the forums. While their samples show a good indication for us of their quality, we feel it necessary for the outsourcer to test them on some other samples.

Endorsed by Testing: A linguist may arrange with an endorser for a test. Usually the test takes two hours. Candidates interested in endorsement through this scheme can contact us for more details listing (at)

* We no longer endorse candidates through samples. The only channel open for endorsement is through three endorsed members. 







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