Translator assistants are junior linguists who have not yet reached a progressive stage in the career. They either lack the experience or need training. A translator assistant would work under a master, who will put his hands on the job. Masters usually do not charge assistants for such training. On the contrary, masters pay something at least to cover their daily expenses. At the end of the apprentice period, lasting no longer than one year, the assistant is expected to move up the ladder of professionalism and become a junior translator.

For our listing purposes, one endorsed linguist can nominate only one assistant. Our conditions are:

1. The assistant must be hardworking and willing to learn.
2. The assistant helps the master and adds value to his work.
3. No assistant can stay with the same master for more than one year.

What can the assistant do?
After listing your name as an assistant translator, you can, obviously, help the master who nominated you. You can also receive jobs from outsourcers. Those jobs should never go beyond the following scope:

1. Transcription 
2. Correction of typing errors
3. Comparing and contrasting documents (original and translation)
4. Compiling terminology from translated documents
5. Feeding machine translation with memories and termbases
6. Translation under the supervision of the master.  You cannot take any translation job through our site without the consent of the master.
7. Whiteboard lessons on translation
8. Translation of tables
9. Fetching terminology for a given translation work from a previously translated document.

If an assistant leaves the master at any time, his name will be completely removed and he will not be able to join other endorsed translators on this website.

The most important condition for listing translator assistants is that we have the right to remove any name from the lists without giving reasons. You will be notified of such removal, though. We hold NO responsibility or liability towards any business you make or training you have in connection with this website.

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