Theoretically speaking, education at college links up students, thereafter graduates, with the marketplace where they are supposed to find a career to earn a living. But, what the older generations learned seems to be at a crossroad with what is on demand in our everyday life. It has become inevitable, therefore, to introduce some sort of training that would bridge the gap, if any, between the theoretical knowledge that a fresh graduate has had and what the skills he is expected to possess to survive. Linguists are not an exception. In fact, daily developments in all fields require us, linguists, to increase our knowledge of what is going on around us. It is the linguist's job to be exposed every day to texts of diverse styles and types, each posing its own unique challenges on our job overstretches our capabilities putting our skills as well as life to hard tests.

Training is important. Nobody can claim to know everything, as new trends in business emerge. Our training programs, online and face-to-face, aims at preparing fresh graduates, but also students, adequately for work. Our courses have been given throughout the years and many of them are recorded and presented in the public domain. We also hold courses from time to time on different areas of linguistic work, though mostly between Arabic and English. 

We are also building a library of lessons beginning with level zero up to professionalism in translation. This is something that the older generations never have had, and we encourage students and fresh graduates to benefit from them as their colleagues have. We have indeed heard people saying they have found themselves after attending those courses. Some of them have become professional linguists. Others have established their own translation agencies. The educational space we offer is an opportunity for those who want to develop themselves. You are most welcome to browse those lessons and give us your feedback. 

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