The world of voice-over is exciting. Since translation involves loss of meaning and spirit of the original text, it is important for many companies to have their audio-visual material as much engaging as possible in translation. Documentaries and commercials are few examples. It is by definition a narration is a production technique where a voice—that is not part of the narrative is used in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations. (Source: Wikipedia) Voice-over requires a studio and a complex set of video editing equipment and programs, but most importantly it requires a skillful artist. Students at college can fund lots of fun in doing voice-over assignments, but they also develop a rewarding career after they graduate. Companies that need such a service are usually those producing films, documentaries and commercials. There are also those who make presentations in a language and ask for a voice-over artist to do the job for them in the target language.

It is tempting to say that professional artists are talented, in the first place. While this common assumption holds a grain of truth, it needs to be made clear that only those who practice and learn from their mistakes can prosper in the career. Artists tell us often about the challenges they faced and how they made it through their perseverance with blood and tears, so to speak.

Our portal is pleased to have among its members a distinguished voice-over artist, Ms. Rawan Hajjar. She is a talented and smart linguist and has produced lots of voice-over material.

If you are a voice-over specialist with a proven record of excellence, join us! If you are, otherwise, a student at a translation department, then we encourage you to start navigating into this field of creative art and production.

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