We list the names of endorsed linguists. Our aim to is to connect quality linguists with potential outsourcers. We receive testimonials from peer linguists and review credentials of linguists to make sure they are competent enough to be listed here. If you want to be listed in the directory, you need first to see who is already on the list here. You must have worked with three of them to get their testimonial. If you do not know any of them, there is no other option for you but to wait until other people whom you know join in.

Alternatively, you can be endorsed through tests or translation samples. If you choose to test, you have to sit an exam under the supervision of one endorsed linguist. If you cannot do that, then the last option is for you to send us samples of your translation work. We will send your samples to three endorsed linguists. If they all give you a Go, then you can join the list under the 'endorsed by sample' criterion. You can be endorsed for specific fields or specific language direction. We do not mind accepting candidates who are qualified in translation from Arabic into English, for example. Other translators are bidirectional. Still, others do not translate at all, as they are just proofreaders of one language.

On our part, we will extensively work on a marketing campaign to gain as many customers as possible. Any candidate winning a customer from this site will pay the Operator 5% of every written assignment he gets paid for. Conference interpreters getting clients from this website will pay 7% of every assignment that they get. In any case, linguists will pay nothing to the Operator after the lapse of six months from the first time they were in contact with the customer.

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