Perhaps it would be contrary to your expectations to say that this website is not a company, an organization or an association. It is not even a gathering of any kind whatsoever. Arabic Interpreters and Linguists is closer to a blog than to an official service portal. It is established by one individual with the idea of listing the names of colleagues who work in Arabic linguistic services. Experience shows that only the linguists can support each other, and as an owner of this portal, I encourage the proliferation of such websites where linguists share experience and endorse each other.

Arabic Interpreters and Linguists Directory is not a company. If you are an outsourcer, you can directly look at the profile of linguists and talk to whoever you wish without incurring any liabilities on the owner of this website or any of its members, other than the one you contract with. If you are a linguist, we cannot offer you any job or linguistic work. You can only be listed if you are endorsed. Again, if you contract with anyone through this website, nobody other than you and the contractor will be liable for your own transactions.

A legitimate question is where did the members come from? Have they been tested? Was the test hard enough to assess their performance? Well, in fact, being newly established, our portal here had an empty list at the very beginning. In order to populate it with efficient translators, I had connections with people whose work is known to be very good. I even had the chance to assign to them some tasks. Amazingly, it appeared there was already a network in place. Translator X had transactions with Y and Z. Translator Z did some work for A, B and X, and so forth. The network was there! It only needed someone to build up a website and ask them to come together.

My colleagues have honored me for supporting the website and are submitting their bio-data for inclusion in the profiles. I am confident that outsourcers will find in their competencies the best solutions for their linguistic business, and am sure we will keep developing into an entity, evolving from the small 'i' of the operator to the bigger 'We' of a great selective Arab linguists community.


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