To be listed in the directory, please follow the steps:

  1. Linguists must get the endorsement of three accredited translators. The endorsers must testify to the following:
    (a) that you have done for him work amounting to 25,000 words in written translation for each direction OR 40 days of conference simultaneous interpreting*
    (b) that you have been punctual all the time
    (c) that you did the work yourself and did not assign it to third parties
    (d) that the work done was highly satisfactory)
  2. If you cannot obtain such testimonials, you can be endorsed by showing us samples of your work. In this case, your endorsement at the directory will mention that you are endorsed by sample. Subscription to our directory is free of charge BUT you know we have running expenses, so here is the deal. If you get a job and get paid, there is an ethical obligation to you to pay me 5% of the amount you get.
    3. We do not endorse translation agencies but welcome interpreting equipment providers. We endorse them for specific types of equipment, though, in addition to quality service they provide as testified by interpreters.
    4. You agree and understand that neither me, the operator, nor my website has any impact on your transactions and payment terms with prospective clients. You need to set the deal with your customers in the way you feel appropriate. Get all guarantees of payment before you work for them. Neither I nor my website shall be liable in case of any dispute arising between you the potential customer.
  3. is a privately owned website. It is not an organization or non-profit agency, and as such has the right to decline any endorsement application without giving any reason.
  4. You cannot be endorsed by sample, until you produce samples of your work in the forums here.
  5. Interpreting equipment providers can register, subject to the endorsement of two companies on file. Names of endorsers of companies shall be hidden.
  6. If you get paid for a job that you got through site, you must pay the Operator 5% of the total charges.
  7. We do not endorse written translation companies.
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