If you happen to be here on this page, then it is possible that you are looking for a linguist, be he a translator, an interpreter or a proofreader. This place is a directory that seeks to register profiles of highly efficient and reliable linguists working with Arabic. More often than not, the mentioning of Arabic language linguists will cover users of English and Arabic in translation or interpretation. In fact, it is hard to test linguists of other language combinations, but we will try to explore the inclusion of other language pairs involving Arabic.

You will see a list of linguists and companies, so what does that mean? In order for people of agencies to be listed in this website's directory, they need to pass tests and get the endorsement of senior linguists. As for companies, we begin with one conference interpreting equipment provider and if any other company is interested in getting listed, it must first and foremost negotiate the terms and conditions with other companies already registered here. For the time being, we cannot endorse or list translation companies, because they often use a pool of freelance translators. The only way for a translation company to be registered here is for it to specify the names of translators who do their work, but those translators must pass our test.

If you want to contact any of the listed linguists, we insist that you, first of all, read our disclaimer and terms and conditions. If you are looking for a translation from Arabic into English or another language, then it is important to note the difference in translation performance between those translating into their mother tongue or into a foreign language. Even the best Arabic translator cannot render into English a translation that matches the exact ways used by native speakers. We make sure, however, to include native speakers of foreign languages translating from Arabic into their mother tongues.

You want also to discuss with any translator the process. It starts with a sample that you get from him (a maximum of 200 words of your choice). Negotiate with the translator the terms and conditions of delivery, progress report, and payment. We cannot in this website decide for you, though you can find here some general guidelines. The translation steps will be something along the following lines:

1. Choose your translator: There are several rankings of the translators in the following descending order of merit:

(a) Consultant: He has an experience of more than 10 years as a translator, interpreter, proofreader, and trainer. He has published research papers, authored books, and translated books. He has served in relevant senior positions in reputable organisations. He has been tested and endorsed by peer linguists.

(b) Tested and Endorsed: This linguist has been tested then endorsed by three peer linguists.

(c) Tested: This linguist has been tested but he could not get the endorsement of other linguists.

(c) Endorsed by Samples: This linguist has neither attempted a test nor been endorsed. Usually, this method applies to voice-over and subtitle specialists. We endorse people by samples of their written translation work, but, please, you have to test them before outsourcing their services. Samples are not an ideal way for proving the merit of a linguist, and the reason we accept them is because we may arrange for them to work with other endorsed members and get a higher level of endorsement in the process.

2. Contact the linguist of your choice.

3. If the linguist is available, send him a sample of 200 words maximum.

4. If the linguist is available, he needs to submit the sample back to you.

5. If you are happy with the sample and experience of the linguist, give him a full brief. In case of translation, you will need to agree to the following with the translator:

(a) terminology and any other requirements (CAT tools, concepts, etc.)

(b) Delivery date and deadline

(c) Whether you need the translation to be proofread by the linguist or by you.

(d) Progress report(s)

(e) Payment terms

(f) Dispute resolution

Note: www.interpretersweb.com is not responsible or liable for any claims or transactions that may happen between you and the linguist. By contacting any listed linguist, you agree to our disclaimer and terms and conditions.

You can execute a contract with your linguist, but we do not have any impact on that. It is up to you and the linguist. Check our Forums for discussions on best practices.


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