The directory is open for registration for all linguists without discrimination, but subject to the rules and conditions of this website. To be eligible, you need to be not only a linguist but also endorsed by other people. We have noticed, over the years, that years of experience do not matter as much as talent and creativity. Believe it or not, one of our members is only 26 years old at the time of building this website (November 2017). He is so efficient in translation that he even outsmarts many other peers with decades of experience. So, we do not ask anyone to offer a proof of experience, but we need a proof of efficiency and professionalism.

There has been much talk about unidirectional vs bidirectional translators and linguists. Many people believe that only a bidirectional person can be considered to be a real translator. Others argue that it is not a shame if a person has the ability to translate only to his mother tongue. While both beliefs hold more than a grain of truth, it is essential to give every single linguist his rightful classification in this business.

For that reason, we have worked out a classification system to do some justice to the uniqueness and different traits of each individual listed in this directory. At the same time, however, we want to reflect on this listing system a degree of confidence that outsourcers can have in the linguists. An outsourcer has the right to know exactly the 'promise' that a requested linguist can offer. We yet do not interfere in prices or contractual terms, which must be handled by the linguist and outsourcer solely at their own risk without holding this directory, website or its Operator any liability or responsibility whatsoever.

If you are interested in applying for listing, copy the questionnaire linked here then ask three endorsers to fill it out and send back to us. Your endorsers must be three members of the directory other than anyone endorsed by samples. Have you seen, by the way, the types of endorsement schemes that we have on this site? Check it out here.

In case you do not know any of the listed members, you can be endorsed by sample. This means the endorsers need to see your translation samples before they pass a Go/No Go judgement**. To follow the process, you need first to be a member of the forums (, then you have to post your samples there. If they are convincing, you will be reached out by the administration for further action. Note that as of December 15th, 2017, registration to the forums has become restricted and not open to the public. We only accept highly qualified linguists who can prove they have something to contribute to the forums. Inactive members are permanently removed.


**Important update: January 3rd, 2018: We no longer accept endorsement by samples. Only candidates endorsed by listed members can be considered.


Email Form Sent to Applicants

Dear Applicants

You receive this email because you have asked for information about access to our directory

Arabic Interpreters and Linguists is a personal initiative that serves through the website as a ‘web’ of linguists. Each linguist can endorse as many peer linguists as he wishes. It all started with one linguist who created the website and left it all to the discretion of the core members to endorse anyone they feel fit.

In short, if you wish to be endorsed and listed in the directory, you need to get the endorsement of three registered members. Please, see this


If you have been trained or tested by three endorsers, you can apply for listing. If it happens that you do not know any of the people there, you can move to another level of endorsement, which is in fact the weakest level: endorsement by samples.  In this case, you need to post your samples on our forums. This is still another filtering mechanism and another story altogether.

The forums are not open to public registration. People who are interested in joining the forums should tell us first what contribution they can make to the forums? We are talking about original and authentic contributions. This means we do not accept shared content unless the content is the work of the posting member. It has yet to be authentic. We cannot accept posts that have grammar mistakes, for examples, as this will harm our image.

 Step 0 is showing interest in the forums and convincing us that you can add value to our work. Some people may build authentic TMX files. Others may post sentences with their translation. Still others have something to say to discuss the theories of translation.

To be more specific, do you think you can certainly give a Yes as an answer to at least two of the following questions?

(1) If someone posts two files and asks help (free of charge) in aligning the document in an excel sheet suitable for TMX files, are you going to help?

(2) If someone posts an original and translated document and asks for help in extracting the terms, are you going to help?

(3) If someone has posted his translation of a given paragraph or passage, are you willing to help by giving your feedback or answering any quality-related questions?

(4) If you have an original and authentic work of yours, are you willing to share it with others on the forums?

Step 1 is starting to make your posts in the forums (after becoming a member). At this point, you have to publish your samples for endorsement. Go to the Gallery Walk section and post your threads in the right place.

Step 2: Three endorsers (whose identities will not be revealed to you) will watch for your posts then report to us.

Step 3: Endorsers give a judgement. It is a Go or No Go.   Go: This means that all of the endorsers believe that the samples you are posting are up to the standards. No Go: This means at least one of the endorsers has doubts or grounded belief that your samples do not represent the best practices of translation.

- Disqualifying errors in English relate to grammar mistakes including punctuation and idiomatic expressions.

- Disqualifying errors in Arabic include grammar mistakes, inaccurate rendering, lack of cohesion, poor command of Arabic, among other things.

For the specific purpose of English into Arabic endorsement, note the following common mistakes:

تُعرف النباتات اكلة الحشرات بانها نباتات تقوم باكل الحشرات. تعيش النباتات في أمريكا الجنوبية. لا يتم زراعتها من قبل الإنسان.

The above sentence contains several serious issues that disqualify the applicant without even the necessity to look into the substance. For your information, here is the correct rendering:

تُعرَفُ النباتات آكلة الحشرات بأنَّها نباتات تأكل الحشرات، وتعيش تلك النباتات في أمريكا الجنوبية، وهي ليست من النباتات التي يزرعها الإنسان.

As for Arabic-English translation, you need to abide by the ten grammar rules as prescribed in Building Skills for the TOEFL Test, by Nancy Stanley and Carol King.

Step 4: If you get a GO, you will send us your resume in word document. We will re-design it and send it back to you to publish it in the blogs.

Step 5: Your name (and photo if you like) will be listed in the Directory.

If, for any reason, your request is not accepted, then we still encourage you to find out your own ways of marketing. We think it starts up with the creation of a blog or a website. Hard work on marketing will make the difference for us all.

Basically, a No Go judgement means the referee has strong reasons to believe that the quality of your work would never satisfy his customers, should he decide to outsource your services.

Hope you are not disappointed by the strict filtering mechanism that we apply. Experience, however, shows that having a handful of qualified people registered with us is much better than opening the door wide open for the registration of unqualified linguists.

 All the best

 Arabic Interpreters and Linguists Directory

A personal initiative (not a company, not an agency and not an organization whatsoever)


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