John Joseph Colangelo
John Joseph Colangelo
John holds the bachelor’s degree in translation and interpreting from the University of Granada, Spain. He works as a freelance translator and interpreter as well as a teacher of Arabic to non-native speakers (normally foreign students who study Arabic at university) as well as a group of Sahrawi children who are living with Spanish families (they can speak Arabic but cannot write it so our classes are in Arabic all of the time). I translate documents from all fields within my language combination. Because I have been fortunate enough to spend such a long time in Spain and the Middle East I also translate documents from English, my mother tongue, into Arabic into Spanish. By the same token, I work in the language combination from Arabic to Spanish as well as from Spanish to Arabic. I am presently translating an Arabic grammar written by the Muslim scholar Muhammad Muhyeeddeen Abdulhameed from Arabic into Spanish.
Language Pairs
English <> Arabic; Spanish <> Arabic; Spanish <> English. (Native tongue: English)
Language Skills
Translator, proofreader and editor
Endorsement Fields
Several fields including general and legal
Endorsement Methods
Website Operator confirms that he has knowledge of John’s work enough to say that he is a real master in the art of translation. Although his native language is English, the Operator has read a masterpiece of an Arabic article written by John, in addition to other translation works that John shared with the Operator.
Postal Address
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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