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Sentences from Investigation Discovery Channel

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  • Sentences from Investigation Discovery Channel

    For contributors: Find utterances of interest in investigation discovery videos on YouTube. Write them here and offer a translation.

    The detective had no evidence tying Joy to Shandell's disappearance.

    His alibi was air-tight. كانت حجة غيابه قوية لا ثغرة فيها.

    His story was full of holes in it. كانت قصته مليئة بالثغرات.

    His alibi was rock-solid. كانت حجة غيابة قوية لا ثغرة فيها.

    The case went cold and remained cold until a tipster went out of the shadow. حُفِظَت القضية وبقيت كذلك إلى أن جاء أحد المبلغين بمعلومات جديدة وخرج عن صمته.

    Your reputation precedes you. سمعتك سابقتك
    The investigators turned on the heat on the suspect. رفعوا العيار عليه بمعنى ضغطوا عليه كثيراً
    I did all that I had in my power. بذلت ما بوسعي
    Three weeks passed but neither the mother nor the son has surfaced. مضى أسبوعان ولمَّا يُعثَر أي أثر للأم أو لابنها
    He cannot put his missing wife and son behind his back. ما كان لينسى بهذه السهولة أمر زوجته وابنه المفقودين.
    New lead shines spotlight on the case. ثم ظهرت معلومات جديدة سلّطت الضوء على القضية
    The case went cold.

    حُفِظَت القضية (دون حل)

    We involved all other parties so that we had lots of eyes on the same information we had.

    أشركنا جميع الأطراف في القضية لكي ينظروا جميعاً بالمعلومات التي لدينا لعلهم يجدوا فيها ما لم نلحظه نحن

    This homicide did not happen in vacuum. جريمة القتل هذه لم تحدث في فراغ.
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    If he is telling the truth, then Dawn could be on the wrong side with dangerous people.

    He tried to smooth her rough edges.

    They keep bickering over who does the dishes.
    Undercover police officers nabbed the men at the airport.

    His past caught up to him.

    He was short-handed.

    The months being to pass.

    They do not want to unfold their hands.

    I am trying to find my place in the world.

    They were on the lookout for him.

    A new clue surfaces.

    There are many missing pieces, and the more information that kept coming up, the more confused we get.

    I was shy and he wanted to be more outgoing to get me out of my shell.

    He managed to keep his true financial state under wrap.

    He was hiding a dark secret from his family.

    All signs point to his being fugitive from the law.

    Why he left the car baffles the detectives. Was he trying to throw off the police?

    Disappointedly, the search for the fugitive did not produce results.

    But, as quickly as the excitement builds, it begins to dissipate.

    But Linda remains steadfast in her conviction that it was Braden whom she saw.

    But the trail comes to a grinding halt in z city.

    As time goes by, Braden's loved ones being to consider a darker theory.

    He could not cope with the stresses that he had and he looked for a way out.

    He wanted to start over, living under the radar.

    ​​​​​​When a person disappears without a trace, often the most critical information you have to work with is hidden in their actions and words from the day before they vanished.

    He hammered out the final details of a divorce settlement with his lawyer.

    The news sent shockwaves to the family.

    Hey, thanks for bailing on me earlier—I was stuck talking to that guy for half an hour!

    It was the start of a case that would take a decade to solve.

    She looked a bit aloof and distant.

    Most married couples fight about money. She was spending like there was no tomorrow. His bucket was getting small.

    Days turn into weeks then months. As detectives search in vain for the killer, the case is dragging on this getting a little cold. Finally, five months after the murder, cops catch a break when Russell's phone records are delivered.

    He was up to no good.

    There were many haters out there.

    He encouraged them to make something of their lives.

    She is always on his side.

    A force to be reckoned with.

    I am going to take a leap of faith and accept your proposal.

    Bananna is basically off the table if you are eating keto.


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      لديه عدة أسباب تدعوه لقتل زوجته

      He has plenty reasons to kill his wife.

      زادت الشكوك حول قصته

      Doubts about his story continued to grow.

      ومرت الأيام

      Days turned into weeks and months into years

      دون أن يعثروا على خيط لحل ملابسات الجريمة

      Without getting a lead to solving the case.

      وأصبحت القضية في طي النسيان

      The case went cold.

      إن لم يكن يريد العيش معها كان بمقدوره طلاقها

      If he no longer wanted to live with her, he could just walk away.


      • Samaa
        Samaa commented
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        قتل زوجته؟
        هل هذه مقتطفات من رواية ام انها قصة؟

      • Mohammed
        Mohammed commented
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        من البرامج التي تعرضها قناة ديسكفري انفستجيشن

      • Mohammed
        Mohammed commented
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        يمكنك العثور على عدة برامج لهم على يوتيوب Discovery investigation

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      When Sam goes missing, after a night of partying, his family fears for his safety.

      Sam didn't go a day without calling me.

      Events soon to be uncovered will spin a simple case of a missing man into a complex and controversial investigation.

      The next day came, and we went through the same thing again.

      I called the jails, thinking that he might have got picked up for driving without a license.

      He called the detective to get to the bottom of the mystery.

      Unfortunately, we still have a little bit of mystery on our hands.

      Brittany Murphy was a beautiful and talented actress, full of promise.

      He shocking death was followed just five months later by the equally puzzling death of her husband.

      Was it a crazy coincidence, or was there something more sinister at play.

      Suspicions fall on both colleagues and friends, and the case takes a darker turn.

      Twice divorced, Jackie has been rebuilding her life as a single woman.


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        He stared at the vehicle blankly, his mind still hazed from sleep deprivation and stoned from the legalized Nevada weed he'd been smoking all night.

        For a fleeting moment, he wondered: Is this finally it?

        As soon as the thought surfaced, he dismissed it.

        He hopped into an Uber to the airport, his mind still floating through a cannabis-induced cloud.

        As his star rose, he finally allowed himself—almost—to let go of the low-lying dread, the constant fear that his crimes would catch up with him.


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          بارك الله فيك دكتور، هل يمكن أن نعتبر هذه ترجمة قانونية أو عامة؟


          • Mohammed
            Mohammed commented
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            Absolutely no idea. It is hard to tell.

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          Thanks Mohammed for your effort, usefuel sentences that we could add them to our vocabulary.
          This is a good way to keep our new words and sentences from lost by save them for all the time to look to them from time to time.
          great job.


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